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BFA Art & Visual Communication, National University of Costa Rica 2007

Escuela de Arte y Comunicación Visual, Universidad Nacional (UNA)


2018 "Trazos", INA, sede La Uruca

2018 "Bosques", Hospital CIMA, San José

2017 "5 años, 50 pintores", Galería Talentum, San José

2017 "Muestra de obras, Universidad EARTH, Limón

2017 "Mirada de mujer", Centro Cultural de Puntarenas
2017 "Colores y Girasoles", MadFish café, Escazú
2016 "Mariposas y Colores", Tienda eÑe, San José
2016 "El Color de la Vida", Galería del PANI, San José

2015 Película Presos, de Esteban Ramirez
2014 Colegio Universitario de Cartago (CUC)
2013 Café Florense, Heredia
2012 Kinesiosalud, San Joaquín de Heredia
2010 Restaurante La Candelaria, Heredia
2009 “Vida en Tela”, Sophía Wanamaker Gallery, La Sabana
2009 “Mujeres en el Arte”, Colegio de Abogados
2009 II Bienal de Pintura y escultura, Galería Nacional
2008 “II Confrontación en el Arte Costarricense”, Galería Nacional
2008 “Ticos y Nicas somos hermanos”, Museo de Arte Costarricense
2008 “Pájaros”, Centro Cultural, San Pedro
2007 “ID:15/09”, Galería Gráfica Génesis, SJ
2006 “8 Pintores”, Galería Nacional

The paintings of Rebecca Walk

By Steven Robert Johns

"As a curator of exhibitions, as well as an artist, I have deep respect for the art of Rebecca Walk. There is a sensitivity and honesty within the colorful compositions of Ms Walk’s paintings that echoes first, freedom, then order. This is what catches my eye immediately.


"Freedom, as the way a vine grows up a wall, entangling itself, spreading across a span, saying to the structure that supports it’s tendrils, it’s leaves, it’s flowers- ”look everyone, here I am, growing, following the sun”. Walk’s color palette reinforces this freedom, with the application of an intense range of hues.


"Order within the composition. In a world where development and construction is forever dominating the landscape, where buildings, streets and parking lots are occupying more space, space once devoted to the plant and animal world alone, Walk’s painting compositions are a balancing act, a duet, reminding us that a true landscape is made up of perspective, embodying man-made structures and nature- homes to humans, animals and plants, offering rhythm and movement, in a habitat for all.

"Buildings are married with colorfully illustrated living objects- birds, cats, flowers, vines and leaves, lyrically dancing across the field of vision, sometimes escaping the confines of the canvas itself, continuing the composition upon the wall.


"Artists, especially painters, want shape, texture and color to command the attention of the viewer. However, at times, this can be a difficult feat to achieve, without being obvious and awkward. Like a stain glass window, Walk’s paintings combine these necessary elements with grace and simplicity.

With her painting, Rebecca Walk reflects a sincere honesty, one of color and shape, architecture, landscape and nature that are refreshing elements to observe."

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